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What is a Physician Assistant?

Physician Assistants (PAs) or Associates, as they are also called, are members of the medical profession who are educated in a Medical School to work in collaboration with a registered medical practitioner (Doctor or Physician).

PAs augment and extend the services traditionally provided by a Doctor/Physician, providing primary healthcare services to patients with an overall aim of increasing access to healthcare for all Australians. Read more

Registration Documents

Registration Documents have been overwhelmingly accepted and ASPA will shortly be moving into the next phase.

Health Workforce Australia Report Released

HWA Report Supports the Introduction of PAs into Australia

HWA has released its long awaited report into the role of the Physician Assistant in an Australian Context.

HWA Recommendations; "The adoption of a Physician Assistant workforce is a matter for individual jurisdictions and employers to consider as part of their respective workforce development reform plans. Physicians Assistants, like other non-regulated health professions, can and do operate in the Australian health care system under the appropriate arrangements for their profession. The employment and development of this workforce will be determined by the market and employers. Ultimately, this will be driven by the contribution Physicians Assistants can make to the delivery of safe, quality health care and an efficient, sustainable workforce."

Read and download the full report from http://www.hwa.gov.au/publications